The Crypto Valley Association had its Annual Assembly on April 29th 2021. During the event the board presented the positive and negative achievements of the past year. In total 135 members attended which made this event a huge success.

Thank you for all the hard work Daniel Haudenschild Sheraz Ahmed Hans Kuhn Emi Lorincz Jérôme Bailly Marcel Robert Harmann to set up this event and also thank to all members who attended.

I look forward to another yet exciting crypto year with the new elected board. Stay Healthy, Stay Crypto!

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one of you know I go through the academic endaveour of a Ph.D. research in which I focus on accounting and accountability in Data Science, Digital Ethics and Blockchain Technology.

This research once more brings me to Universidade do Minho to present my research results supervised by Prof. Dr. Carlos Menezes.

Algorithmic Anthropometry — The correlation between Info-Power & Social Disruption. Population Control through Massive Scale Emotional Contagion.


Also have a look onto the “Banking Bitcoin Taxation — The Handbook of International Money Management and Digital Assets”

👓Watch “Blockchain for Social Impact” with Luise Ammerschuber from YESS Impact and Tilmar Wilhelm Goos from SEBA Bank AG.

While the revolutionary potential of blockchains has been largely tested (in the financial domain in particular), it is also possible to find applications in the social impact investment domains and to address sustainability challenges that have been explored far less — in particular international money transfer.


SEBAversity #blockchain #sustainability #digitalassets #technology

after many years abroad, I relocated back to central Europe and started a Crypto Tax/Law consultancy firm for fun in an empty room at my parents in Germany in late 2016.

Today 2021, we build amongst first fully Swiss licensed crypto bank in Switzerland SEBA Bank AG

Life is full of surprises. Read my book “Banking Bitcoins & Taxation” — ->


📈 Check out this week’s #CryptoMarketMonitor for the latest and greatest updates in the #crypto market:
👉The Grayscale premium may remain low as more alternatives crop up to gain exposure to bitcoin
👉Ethereum’s gas issue results from a constant tussle between increasing demand created by opportunities in the ecosystem and capped computational supply. Yet, we find there is something to be optimistic about in the future.
Read the full report 📄👇and have a lovely weekend!

After uncountable hours of research, years of professional experience I am proudly announcing the official release of my book:

„Banking Bitcoins & Taxation — The Handbook of International Money Management and Digital Assets. Everything you need to know to benefit from Offshore Banking, Zero Tax & Crypto Currencies.

This is the first bookshop online accepting Cryptocurrency payments powered by Utrust

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Banking Bitcoins Taxation — The handbook of international money management and digital assets Tilmar Goos

新年快了牛年2021!Happy Chinese New Year !

比特币银行税收制度 — 一本国际资产管理和数字资产管理手册。如果想从离岸银行,零纳税和虚拟货币中获得收益,这本书中包含了你需要知道的所有内容。


Today, 11 March 2021 I was invited to speak as a guest speaker at the Webinar organized by Singaporean Based BitData Exchange (BitEx) and ERI Olympic Banking Systems. Thank you for alle attendees. Thanks also to Stefan Schwitter from SEBA Bank and Wayne Yia from BitData Exchange.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) suffered two 51% attacks within one week. This calls into question not only network security, but also the long-term outlook. The attacker walked away with about $7 million worth of ETC and was labeled a double exposure. But how did this happen and what does it all…

Polkadot? Why? This article highlights why the Polkadot protocol is going to receive much attention as of today. Polkadot (DOT) will be officially listed on Kraken starting 18th August 2020. Within the community it is probably the most exciting project, which comes to crypto in a long time. A project…

Tilmar Goos

Redefining Finance with SEBA Bank AG | PhD Accounting, Data Science, Blockchain & Digital Ethics

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