Banking Bitcoins & Taxation Handbook

Tilmar Goos
2 min readDec 9, 2021


In 2021 I published the book Banking Bitcoinis and Taxation — The Handbook of International Money Management and Digital Assets. Everything you need to know to benefit from offshore banking, zero tax and crypto currencies.

Dr. oec. Tilmar Wilhelm Goos

This book was created in response to missing advice in the blockchain and crypto space in com- bination with traditional offshore banking and tax planning industry. While there is free information scattered via various sources, it often lacks on reliability and structure.

At the same time, there are some very high-priced English language guidebooks, but they are lar- gely disappointing because with a list of banks and the necessary minimum deposit alone it is not enough. A much greater role is played by the stability of the jurisdiction, factors such as national debt, deposit insurance, banking secrecy and taxation, and a detailed explanation of their mecha- nisms.

Finally, beginners to the subject should also be given the tools, to be able to choose the right bank for their own purposes. This handbook is to guide and provide the tools to choose the right juris- diction and bank for their own purposes. It is a composite of many hours of academic research and professional international practice.

Information for this handbook is collected from books, research articles, legal cases, statistical yearbooks, journals and official reports, legal doctrines and laws as well as reliable online sources.

Furthermore, regular in-house research at the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation– the leading providers of tax expertise and independent research in the field of taxation — as well as the German National Library for Economics (ZBW) which considered to be the largest research infra- structure for economic and related literature increase the validity of this work.

The strategies for successful offshore crypto business planning are complex. There is a mountain of legislation that must be dealt with making matters even more inane.