CASAVIANA: NFT ART & WINE 2023 + NFT Gallery Release

Tilmar Goos
4 min readMar 27, 2023


On March 23, 2023, Zurich art gallery CASAVIANA- , in collaboration with Tilmar Goos, the Boho Wine NFT Community and Chelit Winery — - organized a unique evening that brought together two seemingly unrelated worlds: NFTs and wine.

Tilmar Goos explaining NFT Technology, fungibility, Token Standards and its Use Cases

The event, titled “NFT ART & Wine”: Exploring Blockchain Use Cases in the Wine Supply Chain” was a showcase of the latest blockchain technology use cases in the wine industry, with a focus on NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). NFTs are digital assets that represent ownership or proof of authenticity of a unique digital item such as art, music and other collectibles.

The evening began with an introduction of Elena and Rogerio from CASAVIANA, This was followed with a presentation by blockchain expert Tilmar Goos, he introduced NFT Technology, explained Token Standards and its use focusing on growing role in the art and wine world. Heribert Küng from the Boho Wine NFT Community showcased a blockchain real life use case in the wine industry together with Vlad Tarifa.

CEO ZIMT Vlad Tarifa presented how his technology company helped several wineries to implement blockchain technology in various use cases. ZIMT is a Web3 studio that helps businesses of all sizes to unlock the benefits of Blockchain technologies.

According to Goos, NFTs can help address issues in the wine supply chain, including counterfeiting and origin tracking. By digitally recording a wine’s journey from vineyard to bottle, NFTs can provide consumers with transparent information about a wine’s origin and authenticity. Another use case he mentioned is the wine transport business where a chip in the cork would regularly measure the temperature and uploads the data on-chain to proof that the perfect transport temperature have been always kept at the same to ensure the wines quality.

Boho Wine and NFT Community founder Heribert Küng explained how he uses NFT in the wine supply chain and gave a market outlook to one which is relatively untouched representing great opportunities.

CASAVIANA NFT Gallery Release

One of the highlights of the evening was the unveiling of the CASAVIANA NFT Gallery ( which Tilmar gifted the gallery and presented that night for the first time, a series of NFTs representing ownership of rare and collectible pieces available offline at the gallery. Approximately 40 guests attended the event.

CasaViana NFT Gallery on OpenSea Winery from Georgia sponsored a wine tasting. Chelti Winery is a well-known and respected winery in the region, and their wines have won numerous awards and accolades. Attendees had the opportunity to taste some of their best wines, including their signature Saperavi red wine and Rkatsiteli white wine. The wine tasting was a perfect complement to the NFT and blockchain discussions, as it provided a unique opportunity to taste some of the world’s finest wines while learning about the potential for blockchain technology in the wine industry. The Chelti Winery wine tasting added an extra layer of excitement and engagement to the evening, making it a truly unforgettable experience for all attendees.

The event was attended by art enthusiasts, wine collectors and blockchain enthusiasts from across the region. It provided a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of art, wine, and blockchain technology and demonstrate the potential of NFTs in the wine industry.

from left: Tilmar Goos, Heribert Küng, Elena Rullkötter, Vlad Trifa, Rogerio Viana

Overall, the NFT Meets Wine event organized by CASAVIANA, Tilmar Goos and the Boho Wine NFT Community was a success. It brought together two different worlds and demonstrated how blockchain technology can create new opportunities for innovation and collaboration. As NFTs continue to gain popularity and adoption, it will be interesting to see how they continue to shape the future of the wine industry and other sectors.