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Tilmar Goos
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Tilmar Goos — @ SiGMA World 2022 Malta

In November 2022 took place the one and only renown SIGMA iGaming Conference in Malta. In 2014 the SiGMA Group held its first event in Malta, an iGaming conference attended by just 1000 delegates. With industry backing and a commitment to quality, SiGMA has grown exponentially. Its most recent event, held in November 2022 as part of Malta Week, welcomed 25,000 international guests for a week of expo, conference, and premier networking.

Tilmar Goos, Founder of, unique and novel raffle platform which gives the user the chance to win one full bitcoin. Pakapoo combines bitcoin, blockchain and newest technology to verify randomness on-chain and proof the transfer of the jackpot via the bitcoin transaction hash.

Nicholas Jackman interviewed Tilmar, read the below.

Nicolas: hi Nick here Sigma World, Tilmar Goos here with quite an interesting Lottery and Innovative idea based around Bitcoin. He is here to tell us more.

Tilmar: Hello Nicholas good morning how’s your day so far?

Nicholas: It is going great. Sigma has been awesome and glad to meet you. I’m glad to discover more about how you managed to merge blockchain technology for security safety and fair gaming.

Tilmar: Correct, so Pakapoo — make your Bitcoin dream come true it’s the first online raffle platform which gives you the user the chance to win one full Bitcoin. It’s pretty simple, buy a ticket, win a Bitcoin, plant a tree because we try to also offset the carbon 2 emissions generated by a Bitcoin mining facilities

Nicholas: The reward is a Bitcoin. It is the actual prize, I understand everyone wants to have a whole Bitcoin it’s nice to get one.

Tilmar: Yeah, absolutely right and because when you try to set up an account in a crypto exchange it’s a fairly difficult process. so first you need to be tech savvy, even though you make yourself an account the trading interface is complicated for for the general public.

Then there is the question how do you store the Bitcoin ? We solve this issue by a simple UX / UI interface you just punch in your credit card number, you follow us on the social channels and then even though if you do not have the ability to save the Bitcoin or don’t know how to do this our education team would contact you and help you to store the Bitcoin safely in your wallet

Nicholas: When you win one. now in the in the past there was difficulties even since blockchain was founded in order to be able to do this to be able to create a lottery of this nature but a new technology emerge a new technology partner that you’re working with tell me more about that.

Tilmar: So we use the Chainlink VRF which is called the verifiable random function but let me explain you a little bit how it works so in crypto on the blockchain it’s difficult to generate a random number why because if I want to transfer you something it always has to be exact wallet address. like one plus one is two not six right. Chainlink solve that riddle and we use their technology to be able to draw the winner on chain. So what does that mean? we actually bring transparency to the casino industry right. Its not my best friend who won I can prove that. This randomization ticket number software and the transparency opens up application in in all sorts of forms where you need Randomness, for example in roulette, poker games, card games right, let me explain you something every Bitcoin transaction generates a transaction hash which you can look up online, so we also publicize this anonymously for everyone to see that the jackpot actually has been transferred. So on the one hand we we’re able to provide the randomness on chain but on the other hand we can also fully prove that the jackpot has been transferred. Then we use some of the profits to of course plant trees to a set of the carbon 2 emissions of mining facilities.

Nicholas: Pakapoo is very unique unusual name what are its origins of this?

Tilmar: I spent much of my younger life in China and Pakapoo is the English translation from the one of the first lottery games in Asia and as you may know Asia is famous for lottery and and game of luck right and the Chinese name is 白鸽票 which means White Dove Ticket, hence the the dove in the logo. So by having the both approaches Pakapoo as an English kind of catchy name but also the Chinese name. When we enter the Chinese market the local population already has some sort of reference and know oh that’s the Pakapoo ticket we just do it in the digital way.

Nicholas: Is there a way that existing operators of casinos can add your offer to their offer ?

Tilmar: The platform as it is now is a b2c solution, it can be also converted in a B2B solution , kind of white label solution for a platform which already has games. Just to offer it as an additional product on their platform.

Nicholas: Fantastic and SIGMA you’re here has it been a good event for you why are you here`

Tilmar: I must say I’m positively surprised about the whole event not only the size the focus of the industry the people you meet because since this is a game of chance and also a Bitcoin I’ve been to bitcoin conferences but unfortunately or other way around maybe fortunately we’re in Malta and it’s really the Hub. Your really feel this is the place where the market play are.

Nicholas: And Malta your present location what do you think of this country.

Tilmar: First time here I fell in love I will come back also for non-professional reasons wonderful this has been till Marcus from Pakapoo Nicolas signing off from Sigma world foreign

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